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How's It Work? Let us tell you a little about our process


1. Create the Words to communicate Your Message

Words. As humans, they’re our primary tool for communication. We use them to compel, convince, and persuade. Say the right ones and you’ll make a friend for life. Say the wrong ones and you’ll chase away your best customers. At clearonhold, our results-oriented writers are trained under a Certified Commercial Copywriter to help you communicate your brand in a way that gets results.


2. Select the Voice that Relates to Your Callers

Now that you’ve crafted your message, clearonhold brings to the table a team of world-class voice talent pro’s who have spent their adult lives practicing the art of “saying it right.” clearonhold hires only professional voice-actors who make a very good living using their voices day in and day out. Chances are you’ve heard them on a national radio or TV commercial, a video game… or even on a feature film. Recently. Yes, they really are that good. And they’ll make your brand sound like a million bucks.


3. Discover the Music that Best Reflects Your Brand

Music. It’s a powerful force in the world we live in. It motivates, inspires and transforms. As a clearonhold client, you’ll transform your callers on-holdexperience when you choose from hundreds of artfully selected, beautifully mixed music beds ranging from classical to country, easy listening to jazz all designed to help you set the tone with just the right musical selection to fit your brand. 


Then . . .

We'll put it all together for you and play those messages through your phone system. Instead of torturing your customers with silence, beeps, or continuously reminding them their still on hold, you'll deliver important information about your business. You'll display a high level of professionalism. Plus your customer will think you're getting back to the phone quicker.


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