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 Clear On Hold Voice Talent Professional


Anna’s voice makes your brand sound warm, conversational, and approachable. With over 25 years of experience in front of the mic, promoting hundreds of major US name brands, Anna has the experience and pizzazz to make your brand sparkle! In addition to On-Hold marketing, she's also starred on nationally acclaimed television shows, movies, video games and radio. Anna's posh, London British accent is also approachable, conversational, and authentic. When you select Anna, you'll get an extraordinary, experienced talent who is eager to give your company the warm, professional sound that has landed her voice gigs on the biggest stages in the US. When Anna isn’t in front of the mic she enjoys hiking, books, cooking, and trips to Italy, as well as spending time with her husband, daughter, and dog.

  Clear On Hold Voice Talent Professional


Brian Haymond is a Los Angeles trained voice-over professional with over 25 years experience.  He is a multi award winning voice actor, with such notables as his 2014 Voice Arts Award Nomination (the Oscars of the voice-over industry), he's voiced a 2013 Emmy Winner, Telly Award, two of the 50 Most Inspirational Sports Commercials Ever, and the NRB TV Commercial of the Year.  Known for his warm, friendly and inviting style, it's like having a friend on the phone.  Whether it's a TV show narration, a successful web series with over 10 million views or telephony marketing and onhold messages, the same attention to detail and final product quality is the same.  From the biggest corporate names on the globe to the local mom & pop stores, clients choose Brian Haymond to convey trust.

  Clear On Hold Voice Talent Professional


Veteran Voice Actor Jessica Gee-George discovered she was a performer at the age 2 when she grabbed her father’s smoking pipe, placed it in her mouth, and began to mimic a visiting family friend who garbled all of his words with a British accent. It was at that very second, she realized she could make people laugh and she loved it! So, that is what she and her golden pipes set off to do. Jessica begged her parents to let her be an actor, but they said, “No, pick something else.” So, she signed up for a skydiving class. But, that wasn’t gonna fly, so they agreed to the acting, as long as she paid on her own. At 15, Jessica hopped the 76 down Sunset Blvd into the seediest area of LA for her first voiceover class. The moment she got there, she knew she arrived, and she has been hooked ever since.  Jessica has not only lent her chops to every corner of this business, from well-known brands, to feature films, to awesome video games and Anime series, but she has voice-cast and directed a plethora of amazing projects to boot. Jessica lives in LA with her well-acclaimed voice-actor husband Grant George, their 2 sons, and dogs Mike and Booth!

  Clear On Hold Voice Talent Professional


Kent is a 20-year veteran broadcast and on-hold marketing announcer. He has become known for a polished, yet friendly and welcoming delivery intended to make your customers feel they are placing their trust in a caring group of people, rather than a cold, impersonal institution.

  Clear On Hold Voice Talent Professional


If your customers must be put on-hold, they won’t mind it one bit with GRANT GEORGE keeping them company. His voice is real, warm, natural, trustworthy, and cool, with a distinct and recognizable powdery tone that lands right in the advertising “sweet spot” by appealing to the biggest demographic of listeners. He’s got that guy’s guy sound that the fellas can relate to, and the ladies find mighty sexy. Want to keep your copy fun and light? Grant’s got one heck of a funny bone too, with a wry off-the-cuff delivery that never detours into Schmaltzy-Land.

For more than a decade, Grant has been heard worldwide in major Radio Campaigns, Network TV Promos, Movie Trailers, TV Show and Corporate Narrations, Radio Imaging, Animated Series and Feature Films, Hot-Selling Video Games, and tons of talking Interactive Toys. Why not have a top-working talent be the voice on YOUR phone line?