Audio Branding

inconsistent experience + image confusion = brand rejection
consistent experience = brand success


Clear On Hold Audio Branding

What is Audio Branding?

Audio Branding is the strategic and consistent use of sound and/or music across all brand touchpoints in a way that establishes an auditory identity for that brand.

The key to branding success is consistency. We want to help make sure your audio brand remains consistent. Your brand represents the identity of the company. It’s who you are. This is where providing a consistent voice is important - it sets you apart from competitors.

Is your audio branding consistent across all touchpoints?

Common Touchpoints


  • Telephone, on-hold/IVR, and voice messaging 
  • Radio and Television 
  • In-Store: announcements, displays, and music 
  • In product 
  • Production area audio: music for staff and ambient noise 
  • Online: Podcasts, YouTube, Infomercials, and Website 
  • Training and sales DVD 
  • Events: conferences, seminars, and product launches 

After a while, if you are audio branding your business consistently, your target customers will be able to better recognize and relate with your brand. Your image will start to rise above your competitors.

When your customers receive a consistent voice and message, it reinforces your unique selling proposition in their minds. By knowing what they can expect from your brand, and hearing it multiple times, they will begin to assign a higher value and stake greater trust in your business.

With ClearOnHold, you have the opportunity to achieve great audio branding with our Audio Branding Service. We already do a great job for you on the telephone and in your store, don’t neglect the same professionalism in your other forms of communication.