After Hours Messaging

LET your phone system increase profits and nourish customer relationships while you sleep.

Clear On Hold After Hours Messaging

It’s 5:15pm. Everyone has gone home for the day. A prospective customer calls and has to make one last order before he finishes work. The phone rings, it rings again, again... the customer thinks to himself, “This probably happens often, I just gotta wait a bit longer and someone will get to me.” Ring, ring... “They’ve gotta still be there; I need this order. Their voicemail will at least pick up. It’s 2016. Everyone has some kinda answer thing.”  Ring, ring, ring...    

CLICK. That customer finally hangs up, disgruntled. And you can be sure your company is now last on his list when he needs something.



At, we can help you match the professionalism that your customers expect by producing a professional After Hours Message. Whether this is a part of your Auto Attendant, your company voicemail, or even a short message that ends the call, don’t let your customer's call end without letting him know that he's called the right place and the reason you’re not answering.

It’s simply inexcusable to cause your customers the agony of nothing on the phone after hours. And you’re wasting valuable opportunities to gain trust and advertise to your callers.