Welcome Messages

In the time it takes to read this, your customers have already formed their first impression.

Clear On Hold Custom Welcome Messages

"Seven seconds. That's how long it takes for a person to form a first impression."

Really. In those first few moments, your caller will decide whether or not she wants do business with you. Establish the brand image you want with Clearonhold's Welcome Messaging.



Welcome Messages Provide:


We’re all different, and our differences are great; however, business success and effective branding strategies rely on having a consistent appearance across all interactions. When your staff gets busy or stressed, they probably don’t answer the phone the same way every time. Welcome messages help make sure your customers are answered professionally with a caring voice every time.


Trust is important part of business interactions. When your caller is greeted with a professional welcome message, your company will seem much more substantial. And with that, much more trust worthy. With Welcome Messaging you can create a lasting, trustworthy, first impression.


Would you like fries with that? This could possibly be the most profitable marketing phrase in all of history. While you may have trained your people to up-sell and ask for more revenue, you can easily ensure it is done enthusiastically and effectively every time. Welcome messages allow you to let your customer know about specials, new products, helpful information, and point of purchase items every time they call - prompting questions, and most likely ending in more sales, and better promotional participation.