Menu Prompts

Guide your callers to the department they need, fast. And without even picking up the phone. 

Clear On Hold Menu Prompts

Are you using your auto-attendant system to its full potential?

Impress your callers before your staff picks up the phone. Menu Prompts ease customer confusion, and cleverly feed your customer marketing messages throughout the process. By the time they reach the party they need, you’ve already calmed their nerves and given them info they need.


  • Ease Caller Confusion

  • Reinforce Marketing Messages

  • Prevent Caller Hang Up

  • Drive Awareness

  • Save Time


o      On Hold Promotional Messages

o      VoIP Phone System Recordings

o      Phone Greetings

o      Welcome Messages

o      Voice Prompts

o      Menu Prompts

o      IVR Ads

o      Out of Office Messages

o      Answer Machine Messages

o      Christmas & Holiday Messages

o      After Hours Messages

o      Night Messages

o      Voicemail Greetings

o      Wait & Queue messages

o      Emergency Announcements

o      Types of Voice Prompts

o      IVR

o      Auto Attendant Messages

If you use an Auto-Attendant or IVR system, every call is an opportunity to deliver the message you want.  Potentially thousands per day.

We’ll work with you and your network IT staff to find the correct call flow so you can craft the ultimate customer experience for your callers, while at the same time taking advantage of other valuable marketing opportunities.