On Hold Marketing

captive audience + marketing objectives + results-oriented ads + professional sound = RESULTS

On Hold Marketing is one of the most effective and efficient marketing opportunities your business has. You’ve put a lot of work into getting prospects to call, so don’t blow all that hard work with a crummy first impression.

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The dreaded beeps, saxophone solo and worst of all – silence, do nothing but waste your callers’ time.  Take advantage of that time, and make the right impression by feeding your caller clear results oriented information while they wait on hold.

Enhance Customer Service

Strengthen Your Brand

Increase Sales

We can serve any business phone system. Let us help you stop losing money and start making more with our clearonhold.com On Hold Marketing Service.


Use your hold time wisely to...


Increase your existing customer’s average ticket by advertising complementary products, additional services and the everyday point of purchase items. You’re already doing this while they wait at your counter, why not while they wait on hold? 

Move Stock
Got a great deal running? Do yourself a favor and let folks know about it!

Stand Out
Tired of being seen as a commodity peddler? Do something different. And whether it’s after hours delivery or free coffee before 10, make sure to remind your customers why you’re company is the better choice.

Promote Special Days
Doing something cool? Upcoming event?  Big Sale? Customer Appreciation Day? Talk about it! Studies show it takes 14 messages before people remember! Use Hold time to talk about cool events . . . 

Save Time
Is there question you answer 47 times a day? Answer it on hold. You’ll save man hours and give your customers better service. Everybody wins.

Cross Promote
Your callers already like you – that’s why they’re calling – Chances are, they’ll buy into other products and services . . . if they know about them.

Say Thanks
There are very few words that have the impact of a simple thank you. Reminding your customers how much you appreciate them can go a long way in forging a lasting relationship. 

Get the Help of a Vendor
Promote those vendors who help you pay for stuff. Take advantage of our co-op proof of advertising program to help you pay for your investment.

Clear On Hold Marketing

You already have their attention.

Use your hold times to maximize profits with clearonhold.com’s professional on hold marketing service.


Clearonhold is more than just a great first impression.
It’s a Customer Service Rep, a successful Marketer, and a Salesperson who expects no commissions.