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Discover is this year’s theme for VHMA, and there’s no better word to describe what veterinary practice managers do on a daily basis.

As a practice manager, you’re constantly dialing in to what makes your practice unique. You invest in continuing education not just as a requirement, but because you see it as a special opportunity get ahead of the curve and discover the next level of patient care. You’re sourcing the best candidates to make your practice successful.

But perhaps more importantly, you’re discovering new ways to uplift your environment to make a friendly place for pets and their parents.

We have a lot in common.

How Clearonhold Helps Veterinary Practices

At Clearonhold, we’re not just a company that provides on hold messaging and scent marketing services. We’ve tailored our products specifically to meet the needs of veterinary practices to help you grow and see noticeable results.

We recognize the struggles you see every day, from training your staff in customer service to driving revenue to ensuring every pet patient receives the care they deserve. Your goal is to create a practice your patients want to come to, and we can help.

We’ve been the on hold marketing experts for over 24 years and counting because we help our clients achieve critical goals with minimal involvement on their part. Our service provides veterinary practice managers a simple, streamlined way to craft a professional image, promote products and services, provide patient education and health tips, and boost your revenue. We include professional script writing services at no additional charge to save you time and help you get the biggest impact from every message on hold.

3 Things We’re Bringing to VHMA 2018

VHMA 2018 will be here soon and we’re ready to load in. Discover what we’re bringing with us to help you grow your veterinary practice:

On Hold Marketing Demos

If you’re already using on hold messaging in your veterinary practice or have yet to discover its potential, come by our booth for a free demo and hear how we can help your practice sound professional, branded, and unique.

We’ve streamlined the production and delivery process of on hold messaging for busy practice managers that don’t have much time to spend on in-house marketing, but want the best results.

Scent Marketing Solutions

Humans aren’t the only ones affected by certain smells. The right blend of scents can help to calm jittery pets while also creating a positive impression of your practice. We’ll have samples at our booth, but if you can’t find us, just follow your nose!

Free Gift for Stopping By

Whether or not you’re using our services, we have a little something for you. Stop by our booth for a free gift that you’ll be able to use every day in your practice.

As an added bonus, we’re also giving away a crisp $100 to every new practice that signs up for our services. This offer is only available at VHMA and our cash supply will be limited. If you’re interested in partnering with Clearonhold, come by our booth early to get the best pricing.

We look forward to connecting with you at VHMA 2018!

Do Veterinarians Really Need to Update Their On Hold Messages?

Veterinarian On Hold 1.png

What does the number 31,200 mean to your veterinary practice?

Surprisingly, it’s the number of times a standard on hold message is played in a year* if you aren’t updating your messaging.

Pet owners call you for different things at different times, some every few weeks or months, some just once a year. Regardless of how often you hear from your clients, forcing them to listen to the same blend of music and messaging each time isn’t doing your practice any favors.

Why Vets Should Update Their On Hold Messaging Frequently


Update On Hold Messages Easily 1.png

On hold messaging can and should be a key part of your branding strategy. It projects a specific image of your company. If you want your on hold messages to remain effective, keeping them fresh is simply good business.

Think about it: even big companies like McDonald’s, Wal-Mart, and Coca-Cola change their logos and taglines every few years. They evolve their branding to match changes in audience taste and design trends. It also gives them a chance to capitalize on organic buzz and positive PR to get their name in the spotlight.

Of course, you’re not operating on the same scale as a major international brand, but the premise remains the same: you change your marketing to remain relevant to your callers.

Switch up your music or swap out your messages to ensure repeat callers have something new to learn about your practice. It shows you’re interested in continuing to provide value in every call. It also gives you a chance to market new services, provide seasonal information, build awareness, or make important announcements.


Even messages that are effective today might not deliver the same results a year from now. That’s because people get used to hearing the same thing on repeat, and eventually they start to tune it out. By adding a new message to the queue or opting for new music, you disrupt their expectations and earn their attention.

How Often Should Vet Practices Update Their On Hold Messaging?

There’s no “one-size-fits-all” answer for how often you should change your on-hold messaging.   To add a little perspective, at most of our smaller clinics plan to change their music or messaging once per quarter, while the medium and larger practices find it is necessary to change more often.

The goal is to try to have something playing often enough that it can be remembered, but not so often that people no longer notice it at all.  And even if you don’t think you have anything new to say, trading in your generic jazz music for a smooth acoustic track can help your messaging stand out.  

The good news is, has made it very quick and easy to make changes.  To save even more time, we have created a way to plan your message changes many months ayead of time . . . Using our “Go Live” dates, you could plan the entire year at one sitting . . . and we take care of the rest, allowing you to keep your messaging fresh with minimal effort.

Remember, hold time provides you with something most marketers spend a fortune chasing: a captive audience. Use it to educate, talk about your practice, or build your brand as a reputable practice.


Request a free on hold demo to see how you can give your veterinary practice’s on hold messaging a refresh.

*Messages can vary in length, but generally a four-minute set played eight hours per day, five days per week for 52 weeks each year means that each of your on hold messages gets roughly 31,200 plays annually.