4 Ways to Differentiate Your Company from the Competitors

Don’t become a commodity peddler Johnny Gailer


When competitors offer the same products and services as you, it’s very easy to become viewed as a commodity peddler.  And as such, the only thing you can compete on is price and terms.  To avoid the “commodity curse” here are 4 ways to differentiate your Company!


1. Give Free Information to Position yourself as an Industry Leader

Engaging in Social Media and Social Networking events is all the rage right now. But, how can you use these tools to really differentiate your company?   One way is to provide useful information for free. This will set you apart from your competitors and position you as an industry leader and trusted consultant. Once you’ve established this perception, you have earned their trust. And when they need someone to turn to, they’ll be wide open to receive what you want them to hear.


2. Maximize PR and industry-related interactions

Whenever possible, engage in public speaking, or distribute news from your company.

Hint: Local News Sources are desperate for news. Giving them articles that highlight what your company is doing equals free advertising for you.


Example: A plumbing supply company sends a newspaper article that lets them know how a locally owned company (yours!) is working with contractors to help upgrade all the toilets and sinks in the local school, or how with the help of your company the local sports team was able to upgrade their facilities. Or let the newspaper and radio station know you were awarded a national honor amongst peers in your industry. And of course, you can provide articles about upcoming events.


Write your own articles and news to submit for editing so you can subtly include value-proposition statements and benefits, while maintaining control of the image displayed to readers.


3. Communicate Specific Value Propositions

Value Propositions Communicate to your customer why they should do business with you. It is important that your business finds and creates value propositions that stand out from the competition. The best way to do this is to get specific.

Which is more powerful

“Fast Service” or “We’ll load your truck in less than 7 minutes”

“Friendly” or “We will welcome you by name when you come through the door.”

“Knowledgeable Staff” or “Our team includes experienced professionals who worked in YOUR field before they worked for us”

Make sure you give a specific reason for them to do business with you. Otherwise your company will just be another business that has people that smile and can get them what they need. (Which sounds a lot like the big box stores)

4. clearonhold.com On Hold Marketing and Answering Services

Take advantage clearonhold.com On Hold Marketing Service and Telephone Audio Branding Services, which can help your business display the image of a company your customers can trust. When customers hear messages while they wait on hold filled with your brand, your products and services, and your value propositions, they will view your company as more substantial (and therefore more trustworthy) than companies who force their callers to listen to silence, beeps, music or the local radio station while they wait on hold. If you’ve been torturing your customers with any of these awful displeasures, please stop and call us right now 888-465-3661.

I hope you’ll use these 4 ways to set your company apart and win more business.1 Give away Free (helpful) Information, 2. Maximize PR, 3. Communicate Specific Value Propositions and 4. Use clearonhold.com to differentiate your business from your competitors.

So don’t become a Commodity Peddler!  Differentiate today!