Did You Notice How Audio Branding Impacted Your Summer Vacation?

The summer is drawing to an end. And like most people you probably took some time off to relax, spend time with family and friends, and maybe even take a vacation. And if you didn’t, you probably spent the summer daydreaming about taking a vacation.


While business was probably the last thing on your mind, did you realize how the businesses you visited used audio to entice you to spend more money during your time off?


One of the most obvious examples of businesses using audio to manipulate your experience are cruise ships. If you’ve ever been on a cruise, you know that every place on the cruise ship has its own theme: The tropical carefree pool, the fast-paced full-of-hope casino, the fun-filled kids area, the serenity deck, the wellness spa, etc.


And as you pass through these areas on the way to your next activity, you realize the ambience is constantly changing - and not just visually.  The way you feel begins to change. You start to feel as if you're actually participating in whatever mood and activity is being displayed.  What you may not realize is that mental buy-in is largely caused by music.


After the mental buy-in, you will begin to act exactly as the creator of the experience hopes you will act. If you sit and watch the people walking through these areas you will see their face change and the cadence of their walk change as they are impacted by the surrounding music.


And that is when they get you.


In the tropical pool setting you hear carefree reggae music which gives you permission to let loose and assures you that “every little thing is gonna be alright”. Then the drink server walks up and offers you a tropical concoction in a monkey cup carved out of a coconut that costs $15, and if you’re able to pass that up you buy a beer for $8.


In the casino, they play fast-paced music at the entrance so you think you can “just play a quick game and get out”. You don’t realize that once inside the beat slows down - that’s to make you feel like time is going by slower. The music is also carefully crafted to be upbeat so it soothes the impact of your loss.


In the cafeteria you hear fast, fresh, fun-themed melodies, which encourage you to move through the free food faster and on to the activities.


At the art gallery they play classical music in the background, and not just because it pairs best with the art gallery setting. It’s actually because studies have shown that you’re more likely to buy higher priced luxury items when classical music plays in the background.


So, looking back do you see how the restaurants, shops, malls, theme-parks, and resorts you visited used music to manipulate you to action?


Now as a business owner, having read this article, the question that follows is how can I do this in my business?


Just like the music on a cruise ship, background music in your store can impact the following:


  • increase browse times in your showroom

  • move people through your counter faster during peak hours

  • increase employee productivity

  • create a brand image that sets you apart from your competitors


You can also use music as a medium to play short POP commercials inside your showroom or retail area.


If you’re interested in exploring how you can use music to grow your business, or if you’d like some statistics on the impact of music in a business setting give us a call. We’d love to help.  Just give us a call and ask for Johnny.