3 Ways You Can Use Music to Influence Your Callers While They're On Hold

Have you ever listened to a song that completely changed your mood?  Or maybe you hear a particular song or music artist, and memories start to flood your mind, just from hearing that one song.

Music takes a strange yet interesting effect on people, and can prove to be an influential tool when it comes to marketing. It can lend recognition to your company's identity, influence your customer's buying choices, and even impact your listener's mood.

As you begin to craft your on-hold marketing campaign, consider the following points of interest to use music to your advantage:

Audience:  Studies show people perceive a shorter wait time on hold when they hear music they like, so one strategy suggests you choose music your callers can relate to.  If you cater to mostly locals, consider the types of music popular in your area.  If your callers hail from different areas, opt for something universally appealing, like easy listening.

On another tact, one study shows that callers who hear the type of music they expect to hear while on hold tend to hold longer.  That is to say, callers wait longer simply when they hear the type of music that "fits" with their expectations.  So whatever your idea of "typical on-hold music" is might prove worthwhile.

Image:  It doesn't only have to be about what the listeners want to hear.  Music style can prove an effective means to reflect your company's image.  This can help shape the perception of callers who may not be familiar with your brand.  Do you want to project a fun, upbeat environment that caters to twentysomethings?  Think pop music.  Do you want to show an upscale, sophisticated side?  Classical music might provide the best option.  Think about your specific market and product offering and see how you can convey those things through music.

Mood:  It's easier for your customers to rationalize spending when right mood strikes, so choose music that will appeal to their emotional side.  On one hand, it's hard for people not to succumb to a cheerful, upbeat tune, even when their day has been less than stellar.  On another hand, one study shows that playing slow-tempo music makes a person think less time has passed, which means they might be willing to hold longer.

In summary, a one-size-fits-all music style just doesn't exist.  Think carefully about your specific market and products and how you want your company to appear, and work from there.

As always, if you find it difficult to choose the right music for your brand, we're ready to help.  Give us a call at 888-465-3661, or email us at customerservice@clearonhold.com, and we'll guide you in the right direction to Sound Better and Sell More