Who do your customers SEE when they hear your on-hold marketing?


By Johnny Gailer


As a smart business owner or marketing professional, you probably already use clearonhold to help your business sound more professional, communicate your competitive advantages, improve your customer service, and inform customers about your new products.


But how much do you think about the music you are playing on hold?


Music is what creates the feel in which your messages are received.  Music breathes life into your messaging, and associates your brand with different images.


So what brand are you communicating?


Below we've compiled a list of our music genres and put them side by side with the people that those genres are associated with.


Look at the people.  Their clothes, their facial expressions, their surroundings.  You know these people.


Take a look and see what your customers see when they hear the music you're playing:

If you need help choosing your music, just give us a ring and tell us the image you want to give your customers.




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