5 Holiday On Hold Marketing Strategies to Use This Year


When most people think of the holiday season, the end of the year usually springs to mind. This is probably because of the multiple major holidays we celebrate in such a short period of time: Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hannukah, New Year’s Eve, and New Year’s Day all occur in less than a two-month span.

This prolonged focus on festivities, gift-giving, and celebrating make it easy to use the holiday season in your on hold marketing strategy. (Of course, it also helps most of us gain a few lbs . . . but that’s a different subject!) We’re sharing our top tips for making your on hold messaging merry and bright.

(Bonus tip: you can use these same strategies for holidays throughout the year!)

#1 - Share Holiday-Related Trivia or Facts


Who said on hold messages have to be boring? Add a little fun and festiveness to your messages by including some holiday trivia, tips, or fun facts. Use your holiday angle to get their attention, then tie it into another message, such an offer or announcement.

Here’s an example we recently used for a bank:

“The largest residential Christmas light display in America is in Boston, Massachusetts, where one homeowner decked out their house with two-hundred and fifty-thousand lights. While we won't be investing in hundreds of thousands of Christmas lights, we will be closed on Friday, December 25th, to celebrate the Christmas holiday.”

#2 - Account for Longer Hold Times

If you have a higher call volume during the holidays, you can leverage that extra wait time in your on hold messaging.

You might consider using longer messages or lengthening the time in between messages. This way, callers aren’t hearing the same messages over and over, plus you have a little extra “air time” to get your point across.

#3 - Talk About Upcoming Holiday Promotions


Are you have a special sale during the holidays? Got deadlines your callers need to know about? Giving away a free gift with purchase?

Whatever you’re promoting to your customers, also share it with your callers. This is especially helpful if your callers may have found out about your promotion through another channel. Also talking it about it on hold brings consistency and top of mind awareness to your promotion.

#4 - Opt for Temporary Holiday Music on Hold

Get in the holiday spirit by playing holiday-themed music on hold. If you haven’t changed your music or messaging all year, this is an easy way to give it a fresh sound without putting much work into it.

#5 - Update Your Messages Seasonally

If you’re looking for inspiration for your messages, consider adapting your strategy to the current season or time of year. For example, Q1 messages might focus on goal setting or fresh starts. Q4 messaging can talk about the spirit of giving or showing your appreciation. Tie in your concepts with ideas your callers are already likely aware to help them make connections and, ideally, boost retention.

Are you ready to sound professional and sell more this holiday season? Contact us today and let us help you craft a holiday on hold messaging strategy your callers will respond to.