Hold On to Your Customers!

It’s great you’ve got something on hold, but what you have on hold matters even more! 

The motivation to avoid silence on hold is pretty plain and straightforward – silence makes hold times seem unbearably long, it makes callers feel forgotten, and it hurts the professional image of your business. Using your on hold messages as a way to avoid silence is definitely a step forward – but how many businesses are using it as a customer service tool and a way to boost sales?  

Imagine a guy headed to the hardware store. He wants a length of pipe or maybe a pound of nails – or a gallon of paint and a brush. He calls in to get the store hours, and he has to go on hold for a couple seconds because another call comes in. What he hears in that five seconds could send him home with his gallon of paint or pound of nails plus a brand new paint sprayer... or a power driver... or a new hammer or… you get the picture.  

Not selling stuff? How about a woman calling to make an appointment for her Chocolate Lab (named Coco – get it?) It’s time for Coco’s yearly check-up, and hey! there’s a new Rattlesnake venom vaccine you just got in, but are you going to remember to mention it to every client? Guarantee that you do by putting it in your on hold message. 

One more – you’re an accountant now. Tax season is more confusing to most people than advanced trigonometry. Fortunately you’ve got a website with a calculator for the mathematically challenged (I’ll be honest, like me) to prepare for their trip to your office. It might be helpful for them to know about that when they call to set their appointment, rather than when they’re leaving your office after the appointment. Tell them on hold!  

Whether you’re dealing in professional services, screwdrivers, or foodstuffs, on hold messaging is your best tool for reminding people of things they’d already spend money on if only they got a reminder to do so. Don’t just distract them from their wait – remind them why they’re calling you